Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids 2019

Yes, we are right in the middle of summer, but before you know it, Halloween will be here – are you ready? Not only do you need to make sure your treats and tricks are ready for the goblins that come to your door, but you need to make sure you own goblins are outfitted with the best and coolest costumes, too!

Not sure what they want? We have a few ideas for both boys and girls to share with you:

Girls Go GaGa for Madonna

Pop artist is always a big hit for pre-teen kids, especially those with older siblings and they know who the pop artists are. Girls have fun dressing up as Lady Gaga or Madonna, and what couldn’t be an easier costume to create?

Chances are, you have accessories and items needed to create these characters. A wild colored wig and a pair of bold sunglasses are the key points. Add some funky clothes and shoes; you’ll have a Halloween costume that any little girl will love. And what you don’t have already, visit any online Halloween store and you’ll be sure to get what you need to make your little girl a pop star for the night. Also, don’t forget the bright colors in makeup and top off with funky accessories for her hair!

Boys Just Want to Have Fun, Too!

For the boys in your goblin gang, Justin Bieber is one of the hot artists today. If your boy doesn’t have “the hair,” you can find a wig that will look just like Justin’s at any online Halloween costume store. Chances are he already has some trendy clothing items to complete the costume, but if not, your online Halloween costume store will have plenty to choose from. Boys are easier than girls to dress up for this big night on the trick-or-treat path.

A Big Score With Sports Theme – Both Boys and Girls

Dress the boys as a basketball, football, or hockey player for your home team or their favorite. And little girls love being the cheerleader!  If your kids are involved in sports, their Halloween costume will be a ‘slam dunk,’ but if they aren’t, you’ll find a lot of different athlete and cheerleading outfits with some online Halloween shopping.

Don’t forget her hair! Pigtails and ponytails with a big bow will complete her cheer outfit and make sure he has his basketball, football, or hockey stick as they go from house to house, looking for tricks or treats!

Superheroes By Day and Spooks By Night

You can always go with neutral Halloween costumes, too, like Batman, Spiderman, or Superman. Or, dress the boys as Robin – The Boy Wonder and the girls as Batgirl or Wonder Woman. These Halloween costumes are available online if you can’t find them in the stores. If your son wants to be Hulk Hogan and the costume is sagging in the “muscle” department, inflate a couple of small balloons to fill out that space.

From Princesses to Zookeeper – Costume Ideas Are Endless

Almost every little girl wants to be a princess at least once for Halloween. And fortunately, this is an easy costume to create, or there are plenty available online and in stores. Taking a little time to put on some makeup and fixing her hair with bows, ribbons, and don’t forget that tiara, will make your little girl smile with happiness.

What little boy doesn’t want to ‘manhandle’ bears and tigers? A zookeeper Halloween costume is super simple to create and will make your little guy a super cute goblin! A simple button-up white shirt and a pair of khaki shorts topped off with a baseball-style cap will do the job! Attach a few small stuffed zoo animals to his back and he’ll be ready to head out the door.

Bring Animation to Life!

The Toy Story series is hot stuff this summer, and a little girl is all about the cowgirl Jesse, again! After 15 years, she hasn’t lost that charm and is one of the easiest costumes to create.  A western-themed bodysuit that has the appearance of a shirt and pants as well as chaps, add that red cowgirl hat with a few yellow bows, and your little Jesse will be ready to trick-or-treat the neighborhood. And what little guy doesn’t love Buzz Lightyear or Woody? Pair your kiddos up with these popular Toy Story characters and they’ll be the star of the night with their friends.

Another animation option is to go gender-neutral with the characters from the Cars movie. Lighting McQueen and Mater – The Tow Truck, are loveable characters that all the kids, boy or girl, love.

Mermaids and Pilots, Doctors and Nurses

Little girls have always been, and probably will always be, obsessed with mermaids. Ariel the Mermaid is still as popular as ever and dressing your little girl up a precious pearl will make a splash with all of her friends! A basic, but pretty, purple blouse with sequins and a pair of turquoise pants or leotard, creating a tail from fabric will do the trick. Purchase a headband and add small seashells and sequins will top it all off.

Little boys are always going to be fascinated by firemen, pilots, and policemen. And those are some of the easiest Halloween costumes to put together. You’ll find plenty of these costumes through online stores as well as physical stores, and you may already have plenty of odds and ends to create them at home.

Other Costumes to Consider

Cleopatra and gypsies are always fun for little girls while the boys want to be a cowboy or Indian. And both boys and girls are still fascinated with Harry Potter – the cast of these movies gives us many different Halloween costume ideas to work with!

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