Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs 2019

Halloween is enjoyed by children of all ages, including the family fur babies! Yes, the family dog can be included in the celebrations and festivities, even if they aren’t aware of the purpose of the day. And this means dressing your family pet in a Halloween costume along with the rest of the family.

It can be as much fun to dress Bella in a tutu and tiara or Fido in a Batman costume to greet the goblins that come to the door, or your guests for your Halloween party. Granted, not all dogs are cooperative with being dressed, and you don’t want to force it, getting them agitated. But if you dress your fur baby from time to time without an issue, this will be a fun part of Halloween for you.

Why Should You Dress Your Dog for Halloween?

People all around the world have different reasons for dressing their dogs up. Other than just because they’re so darned cute and snap pictures of them for Facebook and Instagram, they get them dressed up for contests. Dressing your pet is a way to bond with your pet. When it comes to Halloween, how much more fun for your kids to take the family pet with them to trick-or-treat?!

How Should You Dress Your Dog For Halloween?

You’ll find all kinds of clothing for your dog in retail stores or online. The retail stores are limited to space, whereas online stores have endless inventory. Or, you can look online for dog Halloween costumes and create one yourself. But what kind of costumes work for dogs? Take a look at what we have to recommend:

Costume Ideas That Include Your Dog in the Fun

Partner your dog’s costume with your kid’s costume, or even your own. If your child is dressing as Batman, dress the dog as Robin. Or, your daughter as Red Riding Hood to your dog’s Big Bad Wolf. If you have triplets, they can dress as the Three Little Pigs to your dog’s Big Bad Wolf. You can dress as a policeman and your fur baby can be dressed as a prisoner.

If your whole family celebrates Halloween in costume, create the Justice League and include the dog as one of the superheroes. Or, create a pumpkin patch with everyone dressed as a pumpkin and everyone will be a different size, this will be a huge hit at the family party. Another idea is for every member of the family, including the dog, to dress as different zoo animals. From hippos to lions, from bears to tigers, the choices are unlimited.

Another option is matching costumes; your dog can be a mini-you, regardless of what type of Halloween costume you choose. If you’re a ballerina, create your dog a matching ballerina costume.  If you’re going as a football player, Fido can have a matching costume.

Other Costume Options to Consider

1. Bumble Bee can be created from a striped shirt with a hood that you can attach antennas and wings.

2. Caribbean Pirate takes a pair of striped pants, solid shirt, a red bandana crafted from an all-red leotard, attach and a hat. Craft a hook to fasten to a paw.

3. Sneaky Devil can be crafted from an all-red leotard, attach a red cape and scalloped collar with horns on its head.

4. A Tattoo Pooch can be made fusing tattoo sleeves from one end to the other.

5. A Biker Pooch can be made with a black jacket and hat found online or in a retail store.

Size Doesn’t Matter, Order Early Though!

No matter how big or small your dog, there are plenty of Halloween costumes to choose from or to create on your own. If you’re going to purchase one, you should do it as early as possible so that you have time to exchange it if it is the wrong size, or just simply not going to work for your pooch. Or, perhaps you’ll notice that several of your friends or neighbors have the same costume – you don’t want your fur baby to look like all the others, do you?

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and the great protector. Our dogs are a part of the family, so make a little extra effort and take the time with your dog to choose the Halloween costume that is just right for them and you.

At the End of the Holiday

Remember, not all dogs like to be dressed up – so don’t force the issue. This is supposed to be cute and fun, not stressful and worrisome. With the endless choices of adorable, cute, fun and unique dog costumes, you’re sure to find the right one! And, don’t forget to get pictures!

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