Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies 2019

Halloween is fun for kids of all ages, including babies! Yes, you can dress your baby up in a Halloween costume to take trick-or-treating with the older kids, even if they won’t know what’s going on, you’ll have fun showing him or her off.  

So, as you’re choosing Halloween costumes for the older kids and yourself, pick one for the baby, too. And if you aren’t sure what would make a suitable Halloween costume for the baby, use the internet. There are many online stores today that have costumes already created or sites that offer ideas for homemade costumes and the directions to create them, too. To get you started, we offer a few suggestions here.

What Could Be Cuter Than a Superhero?

Batman, Captain America, or Superman costumes are available online, in stores, or you can make your own. A jumpsuit in the color of whichever crime fighter you choose, a shield with their insignia, and a mask will give your baby a Halloween costume that won’t be overlooked. Don’t forget the cape – no superhero is complete without their cape!

Disney has several characters that are perfect for your little girl. From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to The Little Mermaid. You’ll need to buy a dress that resembles a ball gown that corresponds with the colors of the character you choose, and just like the superhero costumes need a cape, the Disney characters for girls needs her tiara.

Sugar and Spice, Makes it All Nice

What little girl baby wouldn’t look adorable dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake! Everyone knows that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. This Halloween costume has been popular since Strawberry Shortcake came out in the late 1970s – it is a classic that will never grow old. A pair of green tights with stripes, an oversized pink cap that is adorned with a few strawberries to put on top of a red wig will complete this Halloween costume. And make sure to add a bag shaped like a strawberry for the trick or treat goodies to be gained!

Lobsters and Monkeys

A popular Halloween costume for babies, boy or girl that is crawling, is a lobster costume. A lobster costume will have claws and legs then completed with a headpiece that has bulging lobster eyes. How could anyone not give a baby lobster goodies?

A Sock Monkey is always popular for a Halloween costume. You’ll have more choices online than in stores. An adorable smile and a curly tail is a must for the cutest monkey on the block!  Or, go with a caterpillar Halloween costume for your baby and a butterfly for your toddler – nothing is cuter than a matching sibling Halloween costume set-up. You’ll need a bright colored bunting for the baby’s caterpillar costume and to keep him or her warm, too.  Create ten legs to dangle from the bunting sides and stick some large eyes on the hood.

Other Halloween Costumes to Consider

A Garden Gnome is always a blockbuster because you can create a variety of Gnome types. From a Country Gnome or a Whimsy Gnome, even a Formal Gnome. Even your older children will want in on this costume idea!

Create a Million Dollar Baby look for your baby – boy or girl!  This is one of the best Halloween costumes, a timeless look that is created with you dressed all in black like a burglar and your baby in a tote that you carry on your back. Stick play money around the tote to complete the look.

Newborn babies are the cutest when dressing up in Halloween costumes. Pumpkins are the most popular, but ladybugs or a sweet pea is just as adorable. The list of Halloween costumes for newborns is long, so there isn’t any problem finding them, just challenging deciding which one!

For the family that is going trick-or-treating together, or hosting a Halloween party, go with a theme that the whole family can do together! The ideas are endless and fun to create. Dressing mom and dad up as candy bars and the baby as a bag of M&M’s or a Tootsie Roll would be an absolute cute look!

If mom, dad, or a sibling will be dressed as Spiderman, dress the baby as a spider. Feeding ideas for the baby costume off the rest of the family’s Halloween costume is one of the easiest ways to dress the baby. Another easy to make baby Halloween costume is a ghost!  This takes nothing more than an old white pillowcase that you can cut a hole out for the face. (For a baby, cut the entire face hole, not just the eyes, nose, and mouth).

With a little imagination and research, you’ll find a costume that will be the perfect one for your baby. And it can be done without a lot of money or shop online for a costume – either way, make this a Halloween you’ll remember.

Make Them Adorable, Keep Them Safe

When it comes to dressing up your baby boy or girl for Halloween, you want them to be adorable and cute, but you also want to make sure they are safe. As we mentioned above, if you choose to go with a ghost costume for Halloween, cut the entire face out so they can breathe easily and not have any fabric near its mouth. Keep them warm but don’t let them get overheated.

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