Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults 2019

Halloween costumes for kids are relatively easy for the most part. But when it comes to your own costume, you should think outside the box, even away from the box or hangar, because that is where you’ll find the costumes that everyone else is going to have.

Take the time to do some research and find one that matches your unique personality or style.  Halloween doesn’t have to be fun just for the kiddos; adults can have fun with their costumes, too! Even if your Halloween night will be at home handing out the candy, you can still have fun and get into the theme.

When It’s Party Time – It’s Creative Time!  

And if you’re attending a Halloween party, then you want to get a costume to beat all costumes! Ask the host or hostess if there is a theme and if you know others invited to the same party, find out what their costume plans are so you don’t duplicate what two or three others are wearing. To make this Halloween stand out, find a costume that is 100% unique and will not just turn heads, but have everyone talking about it, too.

For women, costumes can go from cute and frilly to flirty and sexy. Men can go with flirty and sexy, as well, or go with a more spook theme. And your kids don’t have to have all the fun with cartoon, movie, or television characters. If you want to be Blippi or Spiderman, there is no reason you can’t. Or, go with a character that isn’t easily recognized and let the puzzle work begin!

However, the more unusual your Halloween costume is, the better the conversation piece it will make. When it comes to adult Halloween costumes, imagination and innovation are key. Mix and match a Halloween costume from two years ago with a few new accessories. This will ensure that your costume is different and unique instead of being a disappointment to see others wearing the same thing.

Getting the Just Right Costume That Leaves Them Talking

It takes more time to choose an adult Halloween costume than it does a child Halloween costume. You can, but choosing one right off the rack will only get a costume everyone else has. Take the time and put some thought into it.

As we mentioned above, you can go with the obvious choices like the cartoon, movie, or television characters, but how many other sci-fi characters are going to be at the same party, or answering the door passing out candy? And the basic stereotype costumes like a cowboy, fireman, Roman warrior, or Royal Princess is just too easy and expected.

Where Can You Find Unique Adult Halloween Costumes?

Start looking online for good costumes and visit costume or Halloween store, browse through catalogs and magazines. The physical shopping at store after store can be frustrating and time-consuming, whereas shopping online is in the comfort of your home at a time more convenient. Therefore, most adults today will opt for on-line shopping for their adult Halloween costume, as well, you’ll have more options to choose from.

Use Google to search for adult Halloween costumes, too. Today’s technology has made this go easier and faster, and the images are much clearer than ever before.  Use a phrase such as “Halloween costumes that have never been done” will get you a variety of interesting ideas with photos, some will be very outrageous and unique, too.  Chances are, there won’t be anyone else at the party with a costume just like yours.

This is the One Day/Night You Can Shine!

Halloween is one day adults can be a kid again – almost. Whether you’re staying home to hand out candy and take the kids trick-or-treating or you’re going to the party-of-the-year, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and talent with the best Halloween costume possible.

Your kids and teens have fun dressing up as a comic book hero or a scary monster, even as a clown or princess. But for adults, Halloween costume needs to be more detailed. Over the years, women’s Halloween costumes have significantly changed the most when compared to men’s Halloween costumes.

Women are dressing up as a cute kitten, a funny witch, or a sexy nurse. Today, women can choose from funny, modern, or sexy Halloween costumes, like First Lady of The United States, an actress, or vocalist. Other ideas for adult Halloween costumes for women are sexy devils, fairies, and a French maid is always a classic, popular, timeless choice.

For couples, the ideas for Halloween costumes are endless and always popular, like President and First Lady, or Brad and Angelina, Adam and Eve, or Russell and Katy. Since Halloween is seen as a child’s day, go with a child’s type of costume like Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf or Beauty and the Beast.

But the main thing to keep in mind as you look through adult Halloween costumes is to remember this is one day/night of the year that you can dress up and not be you for a short time. You can go as extravagant, aka expensive, or as inexpensive and simple as you choose. And keep your costume for next year, adding more accessories to change it up!

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